I have told you guys many times that I am an honest person. That is the full on truth.

After two and a half years of Coffee with Snoopy, I need to change.

The reason is because I emailed the Peanuts people aka Snoopy and all the gang…. I asked for permission to use Snoopy in my name as well as in a sticker on my car.

They told me NO!

SOOOOO….. it’s time for a rebrand, rename, and DO OVER! Jon Acuff would be proud of me!

I will still be writing the same content, for sure. I am not changing me. The blog was never about Snoopy anyway, which you all know.

I was inspired by a mug I bought.. that was the whole reason for the name.

Anyway… If you guys would like to vote, that would be cool! 

I could stick with Java With Jill


Good Meaningful Morning

I am still working on my book, and I plan was to title it, “Good Meaningful Morning Devotional: Selections from the blog, Coffee with Snoopy”. If change my blog to that, then it will all tie in together. If I keep Java with Jill, I will just replace the blog name on the book title.

If you will, please comment on this post, email me on Facebook, or if you know me personally get in touch with me with your vote.

I am excited but nervous at the same time. Some of you guys who read all over the world, but don’t follow my blog could get lost and I do not want that to happen!