Today, I’d like to talk about hearing from God. He does still speak to His people. In the Old Testament days, He usually physically spoke to one person, a prophet. One time He wrote on a wall in blood. Another time, He made Moses turn his back, and He went behind Moses in a wind/ whisper. 

Then, when Jesus was here, of course, He spoke directly to people like any human does. So, where does that put us today?

For me, personally, I have actually heard a voice once. Sometimes, I have a feeling that is saying something that won’t go away. For example, I saw a lady from church one Friday who I didn’t know very well. I had a feeling that I wish I would have invited her to lunch. During the whole weekend, I kept hearing in my head, “Call and invite her to lunch.” I think it was about Tuesday when it hadn’t stopped that I finally emailed her. (I know, I didn’t call.) That’s when I stopped hearing “Call and invite her to lunch.” She just needed a listening ear and for some reason, God wanted it to be me.

It’s been my experience, during Bible or book reading that some words jumped off the page at me. That’s God bringing it to your attention and speaking to you through it.

Another big way I hear God is when something is said to me in 3’s. A lot of times, I hear the same thing 3 different times from 3 different people…and those people haven’t talked to each other, they might not even know each other. Or, even, read the same thing on Facebook 3 different times from 3 different people. That happened to me last month. I was praying about not selling Thirty One gifts anymore and that day I saw 3 different people post “Don’t give up.” on Facebook. I took that as my answer.

It’s a good idea to always be in a listening mode after you pray to God about something. He does answer.