On this date in 1992, my mom’s dad, my Granddaddy, went in for open heart surgery. They were doing a by pass on him. He had the same thing done 5 years before, but was needing it again.

I remember talking to him on the phone the night before. The nurses were giving him a sponge bath and he thought it was funny. He loving called me 

I had my own phone line in the house and I was on my phone with someone. My parents phone rang several times, but I ignored it. I was getting ready for work. After several hang ups and calls back, I ran to the kitchen to answer it. My mom was on the other end. She said my Granddaddy did not make it through the surgery for me to get to the hospital.

That was the longest, saddest drive of my life.

My Granddaddy was a lot of fun. He taught me how to fish, he taught me how to eat peaches off the knife just as he cut them, and he let me drive his car when I couldn’t even see over the steering wheel good. We would wash the car, and his way of drying it was to drive down the road fast! LOL 

He was a great fisherman. He could fry them up afterwards too!

Losing a loved one at any time is terrible..but two days before Christmas and burying them on Christmas Eve is no fun!

My Grandparents had taken a picture for their church directory that year. Granny purchased several, framed them and already had them under the tree for us. That was the sweetest, but hardest gift to receive.

My gift from them that year.

Grief is hard on everyone. There is nothing easy about losing someone you love. The good news is this.. if you are both believers, you will see your loved one again in Heaven. That’s a promise. I believe, based on what Jesus said to the thief on the cross, that we go right to Heaven when we die.

Maybe you’ve never experienced a Christmas season death, but this is your first one with loved ones gone. I have a few friends who are dealing with this. Will you please pray for everyone who is missing loved ones at Christmas? Talk to the people in your life who might be missing someone. Just tell them you are praying for them and offer to do anything else. They will probably say they don’t need anything else…but you can ask anyway. At least they will know you care.

Father God, I come to You and ask for comfort for everyone who is mourning or grieving over the loss of a loved one this Christmas season. We celebrate You sending us the perfect gift, but that can be clouded when we lose someone we love. I know that You promise to comfort those who mourn, and You always keep Your promises. Thank You for that. Please get my friends through this first Christmas season. Love on them and let them know You are near. In Jesus name, amen.