Blake and Andrew 2000

In 1996, during the third year of marriage, I had two miscarriages. I was only a few weeks into it with the first one, but it ended up being traumatic because my hormone numbers were off. The doctor thought I had a baby in my tubes and I experienced surgery for the first time ever.

Later that year, I got pregnant again and after a couple of months, found it we were expecting twins. It was high risk, we knew that. At almost 15 weeks, I lost them. 

That was the hard one! I had seen them on the ultrasounds, heard their heart beats and felt them move.

The piano someone gave us.
After a couple of months, I got pregnant again.. and thankfully, even through early labor, I gave birth to Blake. 
    Today is his 17th birthday!

To say he is a blessing is an understatement. I mean, he is your typical teenager in some ways, but in others he is not. He loves God. At 17, I was not living for God at all. I stopped going to church at 15 and did not return until after I lost the twins at 23. Losing the twins was what got me back in church.  I knew that God touched me and I went back running.

Blake is fun to be around. He is a writer like me. He loves all styles of music. He is teaching himself how to play piano because God was generous and blessed us with a free piano! He wants to be a Youth Pastor for a career. He is a leader, a great friend, and an awesome big brother to his little brother and sister.

I am so glad God made me his mom. I am honored to have that title. 
Last weekend, he wanted to be baptized again, so he was.

The day he got his license.