Please hear me out before you think I’m crazy! This is how God speaks to me… it has become amazing and weird at the same time. God wants me to show you all that He is in the every day little things. He loves us so much and He wants you to understand that through my quirky ways of telling you. 

I have dogs. Too many dogs. As a matter of fact, if you are local and would like two, I have a pair of sister dogs who need a good home! (Seriously)

We also have a cat.

I know. I’m crazy.

Every morning, I get my coffee and sit at the kitchen table for my time with God. I write my prayers in a notebook. The other morning, I have the notebook open, and about the time I’m ready to write, the cat jumps up on the table, comes to me and sits on my notebook. He leaned forward for me to pet him. If you know anything about cats, they rule your relationship. If they want to be touched, they will come to you. If they want to play, they will attack you. They are the ones who initiate things.

Dogs are totally different.

Dogs want to be with you all of the time! They are loyal. They are super excited to see you when you come home from being somewhere. We have one that follows me around the house. Even if he’s asleep, somehow he hears me get up if I’m going to another room and he follows me.

God is like both. He will start a conversation with you, do something to get your attention, and speak to you in a way that you will understand. He is also very loyal. He will never leave or forsake us. He wants us to follow Him around and He watches over us while we sleep.  

God interacts with us and starts things with us that sometimes gets missed. For example: maybe He speaks to you through a Bible verse you are reading and it jumps off the page at you. OR maybe you are talking to someone and they tell you something that they could not possibly know. God is using them to speak for Him. He works in mysterious ways sometimes. I mean, look at me right now comparing Him to cats and dogs. LOL!

God loves us all so much that He will do whatever it takes to have a relationship with us. He sent His Son to take our place on the cross all of those years ago. The Bible is a real true story. It seems old and out dated, but we can relate so much to our modern life if we just take a minute to do it. Nothing you can do or have done will make God love you any less. 

Let Him prove it to you with His loyalty, His strength, and His protection. You are His child. You were adopted by Him and now you are a part of this great big family. Isn’t that totally cool?

Our dog Tink