I had something totally different to write about today, until I watched the garbage truck.

Do any of you remember in the old days, when 2 guys road on the back of the truck and got it done faster? They would each jump off and grab a can, then put it on the dumping thing to go in the truck. Now, they’ve cut jobs and a robot arm that is controlled by the driver, comes out from the side and picks up one can at a time. It then violently shakes it in to the back of the truck.

This made me think about God and how He is so gentle with us. He doesn’t grab us, shake us, then put us back down wondering what on earth just happened.

God loves us unconditionally. This love does cause Him to loving discipline us when necessary, but it’s my belief that He will not “shake you do your core” to get your attention.

One thing I’ve learned under my Pastor is that God can’t give you something He doesn’t have. So, when a cancer patient thinks God gave it to them… they are so wrong. God doesn’t sit up in heaven looking down on us and think, “Well, Helen has been being bad, I’ll give her cancer to bring her back to Me.” UGH, NO!!!! Not going to happen.

When Helen got cancer from either the food she eats, the genes in her body, or something from this environment, God said, “I love Helen, and I’m going to be around during this whole thing. She’s my daughter and I love her. I will turn this around for her good.”

Same thing with what I’ve been through. God didn’t say “I’m going to let/make your husband leave you to draw close to Me.” My ex husband made his choices, and you know what? God has turned it around for MY good! I’m closer to God now than I’ve ever been. He loves me and will NEVER leave me!

If you are going through a hard time… please remember this, God is gentle. He whispers in our hearts and ears. He loves us unconditionally and He will never leave or forsake us!