For most of my life, I have never felt like I was good enough. I felt like I was too much of this and not enough of that. Can you relate?

Recently, I noticed how someone I know really believed in something. I talking REALLY believes.

It made me think about God. God really believes in us. I mean REALLY believes!

He made us all with certain talents and gifts. Mine is writing. I could not do something like this without this gift. I take no credit for it. I do watch for God moments, those things I think He wants me to write about….. I really think He has been given a bad wrap by religion. I feel like I’m supposed to use my gift to help people know the truth. After all the Bible says the truth will set you free.

So today’s truth is, God believes in you! He loves you so much and He made you just the way you are. Every weird, quirky thing about you.

You are good enough for God. Nothing you can do will make Him love you any less. Likewise, nothing you can do will make Him love you any more.

You are good enough. Already. There is not “let me get my life together first then I will trust God.” Uh, nope. Doesn’t work that way. Give your life to God and let Him show you how much you are loved. Ok? I promise it’s the truth. And you will not regret it.