Aren’t gifts awesome?

It’s October. These are my birthday and Christmas gifts. Which are both in December. In technical terms, the gift giver is my ex sister-in-law. In my heart, she’s still my sister-in-law. My mom’s mom, my Granny, used to give me a calendar for my birthday every year. It’s an awesome gift since the new year is just a couple of weeks after my birthday. When she passed away, Jenny took that gift giving idea over. Every year since 2000, she’s bought me a calendar. I know what it is.. but the fun is thinking about what will be on it. Last year, she sent me a Peanuts Gang calendar. 

These gifts got me thinking about a few things.

First, Salvation is a gift. It really is so simple that people struggle with it. 

“All I have to do is believe that God loves me, sent Jesus for me, and ask Him into my life? That’s too easy.”

It really is. There are no hoops to jump through. God doesn’t expect you to perform in order for Him to love you. He already accepts you, 
just the way you are.

Second, on top of that gift, He has given you other gifts. 
You are unique. You are the only you.

Sure, there are people in the world who look like you.. but their heart, talents, and skills will never be the same.

I have the gift of writing. I love writing. It just flows for me. I’m actually better writing than I am talking. (Ask any of my friends! LOL)

I am also full of grace, mercy, and love. I try very hard to love people like God does. Compassion comes easy for me.

Maybe you know how to tell computers to talk to each other, maybe you can run a multi-million dollar store, maybe you keep books for companies, maybe you are a super organized home schooling mom, or maybe you are a planner who works with other countries on their orders. 

Whatever it is you do, you have been GIFTED in those areas. I, personally, could do NONE of the above tasks. (I home school, but I’m not great at it.)
I’m gifted in those areas. 

We all have something we are good at. 
And, we all have the gift of salvation available to us. 

God loves you. He loves you more than any human being on this planet ever could. I hope you will let Him love you. I hope you will use the gifts He has given you to glorify Him. You won’t regret it! I know I don’t!