Another church sign down the road got to me this week. 
It says, “Get Right With God”.

My first thought was rebellious, “Don’t tell me what to do.”

For the life of me, I just do not understand why some churches feel the need to tell people what to do! I mean, I agree, to a point. 
Life with God is better than life without Him. However, this approach doesn’t usually work.

I actually know some folks who need to fully surrender to God. It is harder for some people to do. They’ve let life get them down, or blamed God for things that weren’t really His fault, it happens. I can say from personal experience how much better my life is led by God. He helps me through the rough spots and blesses me with the great stuff!

We, Christians, aren’t here to tell people what to do, tell them how they are living wrong or scare people into a relationship with God. (Most people already know when they do something wrong. 
Pointing it out only makes them feel worse.)

God is love. We are supposed to love. 

I believe that old saying, “You get more flies with honey.”

One thing to consider is this. You have children who are watching you. They might be your own, or someone else’s children. Whether you realize it or not, you have an influence on others. Children NEED a role model. They need to be taught how to surrender to God.

Tell people how much God loves them. Let them see your dependence on God. Then SHOW that love!

I have been through many sad, hard times in my life, but I always bounce back. You know why? Because God is good and always here to get me through.

I say, “Get right with God if you want to.” It’s up to you.

But I also say, “You will be glad if you do.”