I had a really bad afternoon yesterday.

I will not go into details…but it was rough. I’m talking crying for about an hour rough.

I wanted to just stay in bed and veg all evening… God had other plans.

My daughter wanted to go to church. 

I text a few close friends to ask for prayer because I felt so down.

One, who never calls, called. I had to answer… in tears. She was like, “What in the world?” I told her about everything, then she said, “Get dressed and get up here to Zumba.”

You know what? I did. 

With no makeup on.

That is so not in my comfort zone.

I don’t wear much anyway… but I rarely leave the house without make up on.

Here is the key…. my Zumba family loves and accepts me. AS IS.

I did not have to look a certain way, or whatever. They were there to cheer me up, cheer me on, and help me stop listening to the lies in my head. 

My comfort zone was totally shattered! I am not normally like that. 

When we get out of our comfort zones, amazing things happen. 

Where is your comfort zone?

Are you attending church but not volunteering?

Are you working at your job but not doing anything extra?

Are you talking to people about your faith?

Are you praying for people when they ask?

Whatever your comfort zone is… sometimes, you need to step out of it. Seriously. 

I know, it’s scary as all get out.. but it’s worth it.

I double dog dare you to break out of your comfort zone and do something you would not normally do! You HAVE been challenged!

Write me and tell me what you did. I want to hear about it.