This year at the Dave Ramsey booth at Catalyst, this other guy on was their back drop. His name is Chris Brown. He is a nationally-syndicated radio host of a show called “Chris Brown’s True Stewardship”. According to the bio in my notebook, he’s a Pastor too.

His testimony was pretty powerful, and I wrote a few really good notes.

He grew up homeless, pretty much. He slept under bridges and life was just never stable for him. He got his big break when a coach got him a baseball scholarship to a Christian college.

He didn’t know anything about God, never went to church at all… until college and that’s when he gave his life to the Lord.

He said, “Life happens and we lose our wonder.” Isn’t that true? Reality sets in the older you get and the wonder just fades away in the background somewhere.

Here are a few points:

1. Stop being callous and start thanking God for what He’s done.

2. Be interested in being God’s hands and feet. 

3. How do we keep gratitude? Generosity! We’ve got to act on generosity!

4. When we are generous, we are being Catalytic leaders.

5. Immature wonder is based on receiving, mature wonder is based on giving.

6.  You create wonder in your life when you see someone else light up. Proverbs 11:25 says, “A generous person will prosper, whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

7. Cultivate childlike wonder. Generosity is contagious. 

What is one act of generosity you can do today?

I agree with this so much. We get caught up in our day to day life that we let the wonder and awe of life leave us.

Our bodies are miracles. The fact that we are living on a planet that rotates around the sun, and we aren’t burning up or frozen to death is a miracle. The stars and clouds are miracles.

We should be in awe of all God has done for us and all He will continue to do.

And for goodness sake, we need to be a generous people. Do you know why waiters and waitress’ hate Sunday? Because the Christians don’t tip! That’s horrible.

As God’s people, we should be more generous that anyone! We should give above and beyond to the people who aren’t taking a Sabbath that day and working. 

If you struggle with being generous, ask God for help. I feel confident that He will help you.

God bless you today and always.

Taken from the Catalyst Facebook page.