Well, today is a day that stirs up emotions in some people.

MOST everyone loves their mom. MOST mom’s are loving, caring, and kind. There are some who aren’t… but most are.

Dad’s, that’s a different story.

Our society has changed so much from the way things used to be. There are many more single mom’s raising children because the men who they have a child with is not in that child’s life.

Let me tell you something:

NO MATTER WHAT your “dad”, “father”, “sperm donor”, or “step dad” is like, you ARE loved by a HEAVENLY Father.

God planned you for a reason. 

He gave you the DNA of your parents for a reason.

I feel sure that it was in God’s plans for your parents to stay together. I’m sure He wanted you to be raised in a loving healthy home with them both. If that’s not what happened to you, please know it’s not His fault. 

God does not make people leave. God does not make people abuse. He just doesn’t work like that.

I believe the reason people refuse to live for God is because they have this idea of Him that is totally wrong! He is NOT like your earthly Dad. I promise. (Even if your earthly dad was awesome.)

He loves us, unconditionally, with a steadfast love. Nothing we can do will make Him love us any more just as nothing we can do will make Him love us any less.

I am an only child. My dad will admit that he is not perfect. But he loved and still loves me the best way he knows how. Honestly, it’s a great thing that I was NOT spoiled. Most only children are. I am who I am today because I was not spoiled rotten. I am a compassionate, caring, loving woman. 

My dad has helped me so much over the years. He taught me how to drive. He helped me stop drinking when I was a teenager and shouldn’t have been drinking anyway. He’s loaned me money. He lets me have yard sales in his yard that don’t go well. LOL (That happened yesterday.)

My children are his pride and joy. He loves them so much.

Everyone’s “dad story” is different. 

But we can all have the same happy ending if we let God into our lives and live for Him.

Will you consider it today? Realize the truth of His love. He is right there waiting for you.

And let me say, “Happy Father’s Day” to all you dads(married & single), fathers, step dads, and single mom’s! You are appreciated!

My dad on the far left, holding my hand.