We all have had things happen in our lives that we do not want to happen again. Rejection is one huge thing I can think of that can cause fear and make you live differently. As scary as rejection is, life is meant to be lived to the fullest. 

My Pastor taught on this yesterday. I can relate so much because I’ve had times when I really lived in fear of someone, and other times where I’m afraid of being rejected AGAIN. 

Living in fear causes these things: 
1. It immobilizes you. You get stuck and can’t move.
2. Confusion. Who enjoys being confused?
3. You hide. Hiding only makes things worse.
4. We abandon God & others.
Every rejection experience from the past will cause us to live this way. If you don’t stay connected, you sabotage your relationships.

Facing your fear forces you to confront stuff. How to overcoming fear:
1. Choose to trust God with your pain. 
It’s a process

2. Experience the grace of God. 
A lot of us have grace for others, but we are hard on ourselves.

God is love and He just loves you for you!

Allow Him to break the bondage of fear in your life!