Yesterday, I had something quite painful happen.

I mentioned that we have a cat now in another blog post. 

He has been annoying in some respects, but my daughter loves him. So I’ve been trying to tolerate him and his cat ways.

He got out yesterday. The boys and I were bringing stuff in from the car, and he went out. He really likes it outside. But, my daughter doesn’t want him to run away.

We have dogs in the back yard, and they saw him, so they were barking. 

I went out to bring him back in. That was my first mistake.

I picked him up and he was fine for a few minutes. 

As I got closer to my house, he tensed up. I was holding on, but not too tight, he meowed, then dug into me and jumped.

Pain went through both of my arms and I started crying right away.

I came in the door and looked down to many bloody holes in my arm.

I have two under my left arm that started bruising right away. They hurt the worst.

It made me think about how we tend to lash out and hurt other people.
Have you heard that saying, “Hurting people, hurt people”? It’s true.

Some people are just mean. They do not like seeing you get ahead or doing well, which of course is jealousy, so they lash out and try to hurt you.

Others hurt because they are hurt and don’t know how to treat someone right.

And still others, hurt people, maybe on accident, because they think they are helping.

One thing I have learned at my church. People do not need you to tell them that they are doing something wrong. They probably already know that.

If you are hurting, get help and don’t go around hurting people you are supposed to care about. If someone you know is hurting, really try to help. Don’t have motives behind your help. Be there for them. Listen and pray.

My poor tore up arm