I was going to write off of my notes from my Pastor’s message yesterday. It was really good. I probably will go more into his message tomorrow. There are a couple of things he said yesterday, that I want to quote, and talk about today.

“We get in trouble when we compare our entire movie to others highlight reel.” ~ Jason Spears

Boy, have I done this before!

I have taken my “movie” aka “life” and compared it to other people’s “highlight reel”, aka the good stuff they talk about or post about on social media.

People post what they want to on there. If they are not authentic, they just post the sweet good stuff and their highlight reel makes others feel bad. Don’t fall for it. You never know what they are really dealing with.

Jason also said “Be proud of what you do and who you are. Kill the “JUST” word. You aren’t JUST anything.”

I have said that about myself before. “I’m JUST a stay at home mom.” “I’m JUST a homeschooling mom of three.” “I JUST work part time at the Ocala House.” This is negative and putting myself down. I need to stop that.

God has given all of us talents and abilities to use for His glory. We aren’t just anything, we are awesome! Our lives are awesome, even when we struggle.

Life is not perfect. It never will be. But when you have God on your side, you’ve got all you need. Look at your life through HIS eyes. God loves us so much. 

Do not compare your life to anyone else’s, because we are all different and on different journeys. 

If you think a negative thought about yourself today, stop, then say something positive about yourself. If you retrain your brain when the bad thoughts come up, you will feel better about yourself. Fight! You are worth it!