If you remember, I home school my children. My oldest is 10th grade, and about to be 16 years old on Saturday. He inspires me to be a better person on a regular basis.

On Tuesdays, a friend picks him up and takes him to our local high school to pray with a group of kids. They call it “Campus Awakening”. He doesn’t even attend the school.

Then, on Thursdays, during lunch time, this same friend picks him up and they pray for people. There are many testimonies coming out of that high school of healings. It just blows me away.

He has strayed from reading his Bible every night some times. He fights with his brother sometimes, and yells at the xbox when the game isn’t going his way. He isn’t perfect. 

He woke me up early today when I heard him take his shower. When I woke back up, he left a note saying his friend was running late, and he wasn’t able to pick him up. So, he’s asleep, and what’s laying next to him open? His Bible.

At his age, I was doing things I shouldn’t have been. Experimenting and just being bad.

He has a dedication to the Lord that I admire. He is determined to do what God has called him to do. At such a young age!

Are you dedicated and determined to live for the Lord? Do you put Him first above anyone else? Why not?