Hebrews 11:1 NLT, “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance and things we cannot see.”

Christian recording artist John Waller was at Launch Out Conference last weekend. He told us simply to “listen to your dreams.”

Crazy Faith

He and his wife had 5 children. She felt led to adopt. He wasn’t so sure….but God gave him a dream and he saw their daughter in that dream. An older girl, not a baby. They actually found this girl over seas.

After finding her, they were told she had a brother and they were a package deal. The Waller’s were already stepping out in extreme faith, but decided to take the brother too. THEN, they were told they had an older sister in another orphanage and they could have her for free. Of course, they adopted her as well. She is lovingly called their “free daughter”. During this whole process, they found out his wife was pregnant. So, now, 9 children later… they are one big happy family.

John wrote and sang the song “Crazy Faith” that was in the movie War Room. You can see a video of the song here: John’s Music Video He and his wife were only following God’s leading and living by faith, doing what they knew they had been called to do.

John Waller

They have also started a new business called Crazy Faith Coffee Company.You can check it out here: Crazy Faith Coffee Order some if you like coffee! They give you a bag, and one to share. They also help the coffee farmers and orphans.

What has God called you to do? Will you be willing to step out in faith?

In my devotional from Christine Caine this morning, here are a few lines I highlighted:

“We regularly overlook the very people that God wants to use in our midst because we are too busy focusing on the obvious choices based on looks and abilities.”

“But ultimately, it does not matter what anyone else thinks; the key to fulfilling our destiny is being preoccupied with what God thinks and says about us.”

“God does not choose in the same way that man chooses. God always has and always will look at the heart before anything else.”

God looks at your heart and calls you to do something… like adopting children after you already have 5 birth ones.

For me, He called me to write, and then put together a book. Now, I feel like I’m supposed to be taking some more steps forward… starting a Facebook group and podcast. I figure, if nothing else, some people might listen to the podcast just to laugh at my Southern accent. LOL If they do, at least they will be hearing about God, right?

Take a leap of crazy faith today! Do something you KNOW you are called and destined to do. Stop putting it off!

God bless you today and always!