This morning, as I was walking the dogs, I kept hearing owls “Whooing” and talking to each other. One owl would make it’s sound, and another owl in another part of the neighborhood, repeated and made the same sound.  I heard other birds, some making the same sounds, others making totally different sounds.

This got me to thinking about human communication. Sometimes, our words can get all twisted up. And other times, we don’t communicate with each other at all!

The funny thing about men and women are how we can say the exact same words, but mean something totally different. For example, if both say, “I have nothing to wear.” The man means his clothes are dirty, the woman means nothing feels right or fits right for her that day. Same words, different meanings.

God communicates with us in different ways, and sometimes we miss it. Back during the Bible times, He used people, wrote on walls, whispered, and spoke loudly for all to hear.
In our times, we might hear a still soft voice in our hearts.  There are times when reading the Bible, the words jump off the page, that’s Him speaking to you.

God uses people all of the time to get His messages across to us. It’s been my experience that if you hear the same thing 3 different times from 3 different people, that’s probably God. We need to listen and take heed to what we are told, just in case it is straight from Him.

If you aren’t sure that God has spoken to you, go to the Bible and see if it matches. God will never tell you to do something that doesn’t go with His Word. Also, talk to your Pastor or a trusted friend. Praying is how we talk to God. Now, we need to know how to listen for Him to talk back.