This past month, I have been using my Visalus shake mix to help lose weight. Cool thing is, it worked! I’m down at least 12 pounds and toning up. I’ve made a commitment to this and exercise as a life style change.

It’s raining here today, but I woke up and walked my dog anyway. In the rain. That takes commitment. He likes being walked and feels better when he is…so off we went. Luckily, it was only sprinkling when we went, just after getting home, the bottom fell out!

These little every day commitments and decisions got me thinking about my commitment to the Lord. How dedicated am I to Him? Am I praying to Him every day? God doesn’t need a list of requests from me… just conversation. Just like I do with a best friend. Am I spending that kind of time with Him? 

On the picture above, where is your commitment to God? Are you just wishing you could pray every day? Would you like to pray every day? Or are you committed?

All it takes is a single decision. Make up your mind what you want out of life. What are your goals?

Weight loss? Commit to the exercise and eating better that it takes.

Prayer time? Spend 5 minutes in the morning before you get out of bed inviting God to go with you that day.

It’s simple. Make a small change and walk towards that high level of commitment! You can do it! Get someone to help you keep your goal. It’s worth it!