I am currently helping a friend with his six year old twins.

My children are older, and honestly, I am little rusty on a few things. Nothing major. I am a mom, after all. I have that nurturing motherly instinct.

Being around them as reminded me of childhood and Jesus’ words. In Matthew 18:3 Jesus basically says unless we become like little children, we will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

He also did not refuse the children who’s parents wanted Jesus to bless them. He loved children when He was on the earth.

See, at 6, there are a few things they still can’t do for themselves.

God wants us to depend on Him, just like a younger child depends on adults.

God wants us to ask Him for our everyday little needs… just like I lay out their clothes for them in the morning.

However, they are allowed to pick what they want for breakfast. God is the same way with us.

God gave us free will, and a right to choose things. He would like us to ask Him though. He would like us to go to Him for advice, guidance, and leading. He would like us to accept His unconditional love.

The bible is our go-to advice giver. We should pray too, but there are a lot of answers in the bible. Now with the internet, you can look up just about any topic.

Why is that so hard for us to trust God as adults?

Have we just seen too much bad stuff and it makes us cynical?

Are we afraid?

Does our pride get in the way?

I would love to discuss this with you. Why is it so hard to have a child like faith and let God do and be in our life?

Maybe it depends on the person and their personality type.

I have been through a lot of junk, but I trust Him anyway.
He has done too much for me not to.

What about you?