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“Wise words bring many benefits and hard work brings rewards.” Proverbs 12:14

I’m sure you are wondering why I chose that Scripture as my focus one today. After all, it is Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday.

Keep reading please.

Our world, in 2016 has distorted the Gospel. We are told to work hard and we will get what we want. Work hard and be successful because that’s where happiness comes from. Work hard and stay ahead of the Jones’. Work hard to impress others. 

God is the total opposite of that. Am I saying this Scripture isn’t valid? NOPE!

This Scripture is true. God does want us to work. However, the one thing we do not have to work for is our salvation!

Salvation is a gift. Jesus willingly took our punishment. God is a just God. He can not hang out with sin. He created satan, because he was an angel. But satan decided that he wanted to be God, so God had to make him leave heaven. He sent him down here. When God decided to create humans, we placed two things within us, free will, and a void for Himself.

Satan distorted God’s plans. He told the humans that if they ate the forbidden fruit, they would be like God. That darn free will took the bait, and sin entered the world.

As God grew the Jewish people, He required sacrifices from them. This atoned for their sins. It made God able to fellowship with them once they sacrificed whatever they were required to.

God had a plan all along. It’s prophetically written about in the Old Testament. Isaiah is one of the books that has Scriptures that refer to Jesus.

Jesus came in order to be the one time ultimate sacrifice for all. Jews and Gentiles alike. (The Gentiles are us.)

We do not have to “work” for salvation. It’s a free gift, given with love, grace, and mercy. God loves us so much that He sent His Son to take our punishment.

Unlike other “religious” leaders (I use that term lightly), Jesus came back to life and was seen by many. There are historical writings, outside of the Bible, that prove this to be true.

Muhammand is still dead. Joseph Smith is still dead. Jesus is ALIVE and sits at the right hand of God praying for me and you!

God’s best gift ever is eternal life with Him. Will you accept that gift today? It’s a great day to do so!

Also, in Proverbs 12, there are several Scriptures that reference “The Godly” and what they have or are. When you accept God’s gift of salvation, you too, become Godly and if you live for Him, these things are there for you as well.

Verse 3: The Godly have deep roots.

Verse 5: The plans of the Godly are just.

Verse 6. The words of the Godly save lives.

Verse 7: The family of the Godly stands firm.

Verse 10: The Godly care for their animals.

Verse 12: The Godly are well rooted and bear their own fruit. 

Verse 13: The wicked are trapped by their own words but the Godly escape such trouble.

Verse 21: No harm comes to the Godly.

Verse 26: The Godly give good advice to their friends the wicked lead them astray.

Verse 28: The way of the Godly leads to life that path does not lead to death!

God bless you today and always.