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If you are a parent, this might make sense. If you are not, maybe your parents did this for you.

As a parent who loves their children, you have their best interests at heart. You see their talents, skills, and abilities before they even do. You encourage them to grow those things and attempt to use them to the best of their ability. You might suggest jobs that will enable them to use their skills… in order to help them end up doing something they love for work instead of hating their jobs.

There is a man, Randy Langley, who lives in Tulsa, OK. He was a part of Jon Acuff’s START Experiment a few years ago. The Facebook groups were made, he met people in his area, they began meeting at 5am to discuss their dreams and goals.

The awesome Randy Langley

After attending a START conference, he and another member, Ryan Eller realized that they had the best time connecting with the other attendees and talking to them about their dreams and goals. The conference was good, I’m sure, but the connections made a big impact on them.

The idea for Launch Out Conference was birthed! Have a conference where the attendees can spend time talking about their dreams and goals, but also the speakers, who are a part of the group, talk about their dreams and goals. It’s one big ball of connectedness. 

To me, what we are asked to do as Christians is love others. What Randy does is takes it a step further. He BELIEVES in others. He wants to make THEIR dreams and goals come true. Who does that? I told his wife that he’s kinda like our adopted dad. LOL

Sometimes all it takes is one nice word from someone to make a huge impact in their life. You don’t necessarily have to be in a relationship with that person either. Maybe it’s a friend of a friend and you noticed they posted something cool on a mutual friend’s Facebook page. Encourage them. Pray for them. Whatever they need.

Jesus told us to treat others the way we want to be treated.

What’s so hard about that?

Someone needs you to believe in them. They need the encouragement. They need that ego boost. That positive vibe. A kind word.

You know who believes in you the most?  Yep, your Heavenly Father. He’s given you everything you need to reach others and thrive at life. He believes in you.

Who are you believing in? What kind words can you say to someone today to lift them up?