This morning, as I type this, it is dark outside and we are waiting for this horrible line of thunder storms to come in. It is spinning off tornadoes ahead of it.

I DO NOT like bad weather. I never have. My Granny never liked it either. She would turn off everything, unplug everything and sit in the dark. To me, that was worse! Because then you could SEE the lightening and stuff. I think she was protecting her electronics.

When I was in the 4th grade, our school had one whole wall of windows. (I guess they didn’t think about weather issues when they built it.) I remember sitting there one day and watching it get darker and darker outside. Suddenly, the tornado siren went off, and we were told to line up. As we lined up at the door to go sit in the hall way, the windows in the hallway slammed shut and broke all over two boys at the front of the line. (Yeah, there were windows in the hallway too! It was hard to find a spot in that school that didn’t have windows.)

We made it to the hall where we sat in that awkward position for some time. What sounded like a freight train blew, hollowed, and whistled all around us. Later, we found out that the little 80 year old library aid had gotten out of her car during the tornado and held on to the trees to get into the school building. Scary times!

I am thankful for one thing today though… it’s DAY TIME! There is nothing worse to me, than this type weather coming through over night when you can’t hear or see well. Not to mention, that if you do go to sleep, you pray that the sounds will wake you up in time to get the kids and dogs in the bathroom.

I pray for safety this morning for everyone in the path of this storm. It’s an angry one and it means business.