“Truly, wait quietly for God, O my soul, for my hope comes from Him.” Psalm 62:6, Jewish Bible

So… last week, I had a light bulb moment! LOL, You are probably thinking, “Uh oh, here we go.”

I hope this reaches someone and helps them.

Even when I was married, I felt lonely at times. (I know, I know, I just blew your whole excuse for getting married out of the water, didn’t I? LOL)

Maybe you are married and feeling it right now yourself, or in a dating relationship, or you are divorced like me.

Let me tell you…THERE IS HOPE!

Over these last 5 years since my divorce, I have struggled with loneliness off and on. I have attempted relationships with men in my own power, thinking that the loneliness would go away.

Boy was I wrong!

Just last week, after weeks of starting something new in my daily life,  I had that light bulb moment.

I do not feel lonely anymore.

I have 3 kids. So, that is one thing people used to say to me, “You aren’t alone anyway, you have your kids.” Which is true…but my relationships with them were not what the loneliness was from. (Not to mention how busy they are and they are barely home.)

What I started doing was filling my empty time with God. I already have a morning quiet time and Bible reading. But, during my lunch break at work, I read Scripture.

Then, in the evenings, instead of vegging out on Facebook, I will read a Christian book, read my Bible, or color/read in the One Year coloring Bible I have. The other night, I watched/listened to a sermon online while I cleaned the house.

My Pastor’s message Sunday was about how only God can fulfill us. That’s exactly what I’ve learned.

Nothing will make you feel less lonely. We turn to possessions, people, pleasure, and performance. Jesus is the only “thing” or “Person” who will keep you from feeling lonely.

When you know who Jesus is, you know you are, and you know your value. Jesus is the bread of life! “We should be feasting on Him, daily, not treating Him as a side item to life.”, Pastor Josh Copron, Providence Church.

A couple of more passages in Psalm 62 say, “7 He is my rock and deliverance, my haven, I shall not be shaken. 8 I rely on God, my deliverance and glory, my rock of strength; in God is my refuge. 9 Trust in Him at all times, O people, pour our your hearts before Him; God is our refuge.”

We get caught up thinking that God is in Heaven, disconnected, and watching.

When you give your life to Christ, the Holy Spirit comes IN you. God is as close to you as the air you breathe!

Rely on Him for everything and watch a shift happen in your life. I have certainly seen it in mine.


If you need prayer for this or anything else, please contact me. I would be honored to lift your name before the throne of grace with confidence.

God bless you today and always!