Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a local grocery store. They have helped out our church with things before, so we wanted to give back. One of my best friends was helping too. We haven’t hung out in a while, so we went to lunch after we were through.

She said something that really excited me, made sense, and has had me thinking:

“You are IN moments. You are excited right then. I’m not like that. I’m glad we are having this time together, but it will be later tonight and I will think, “I’m glad Jill is my friend that was fun.” You enjoy it now.” ~ Karen

Then, when she said that, of course, one of the  writers I admire came to mind, 
Carlos Whittaker. His book “Moment Maker” is all about living in the moment. Maybe that’s why I enjoy what he does with his life so much! He is currently doing something every week this year to get out of his comfort zone. He slept in 3 degree temperature on his back porch one night. Last night he was doing a stand up routine at a comedy club. 
He’s making moments!

I want to encourage you.

It’s ok if you aren’t like me and Carlos. Maybe you aren’t that type person.

However, I beg you to try. 
Being in the moment means that you are celebrating, enjoying, or struggling through 

You aren’t regretting yesterday or trying to plan ahead to tomorrow. I have admitted that I can get caught up in the future. That’s just not smart, because I hurt myself doing that.

Being in the moment means I’m living for NOW.
Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Not next week.


Be determined to stay in the moment. Bask in it. Because once it’s gone… it’s gone forever.