I am going to attempt to tell you about something that happened to me, and how God used it to remind me of our relationship.

Bear with me. I am NOT a computer guru.

I have a desktop computer. I think a lightening storm hit one night last year and somehow erased a driver that was needed to talk to the modem so I could go online. 

My Uncle Joe is a computer guru, so I called him. The driver (honestly, I have no clue what a driver is), was totally gone. He told me to go to the store and get a wireless adapter. So, I did.

It has been working fine up until a month or so ago. We would unplug it, restart the computer and it would work again. We need this computer for my blog, bills, school work, that kind of stuff, so without it, we are messed up.

The wireless adapter somehow ended up missing a driver to. It would not go online. I found the box this morning and re-installed the disk that came with it. I guess that fixed the driver and I was able to connect to my modem again.

THEN, God was like, “See, you need a driver to connect to Me too.
 Jesus is your connection.” 

Yes, He takes ordinary every stuff and talks to me like that sometimes.
Jesus and the Holy Spirit, are drivers that help us directly connect to God through prayer and Bible reading. 

As simple as it sounds, it is so true. This is just how He works.

I am so thankful that I do not miss out on these little life lessons from Him.
Does this kind of stuff happen to you too? 

If not, look for it. Maybe you just overlooked a little message He was trying to leave you. God loves us all so much. He wants to communicate and spend time with us. I challenge you to listen, look, and pay attention today. If you have a message or or reminded of something like this, please comment. I would love to hear how God is working in your life.