Dear Women of the world,

I wrote a letter to men yesterday about what they say to women and children. Today I want to speak to us all.

Your value does not come from any human being on this planet. If you have had men who talked down to you, or made you feel like less than what you should feel, please wrap your brain around this. You were bought with a price, you are dearly unconditionally loved, and your life has a plan and a purpose. God is always here for us. He is everything we need and more!

Stop letting your past keep you from an amazing present.

Let the past go.

You can not go back.

Here is the hardest part of what I want to say to you……

If you continue to live in the past, believe lies about yourself, and put yourself down… you are not just hurting you, but you are hurting the people in your life.

You know as well as I do that we try to live up to unrealistic standards. If you are like me, I struggle with the reality that my life is not like I thought it would be. Also, most of the time, things do not go like I planned either.

Right here, right now, I will tell you the truth. My house is a mess. I have dirty dishes in the sink, the stove needs to be cleaned off, and a mountain of dirty clothes to wash. I would love to have a spotless home… but that’s not my reality. My children are home all day doing school work. They do have chores, but honestly, they do not do them every day. Or they have to be reminded to do them. It is what it is. I would live in constant stress mode if I let it get to me.

Listen to me.. if you don’t hear anything else I say. We women need to build our children up too. If I put my children down with my words they would be defeated. I need to be lifting them up as their mom. I need to tell them how smart, handsome and pretty they are. I need to guide them through life and be here for them no matter what. That’s what being a mom is about.

Ok, same thing I said to the guys… let’s say you aren’t a mom. Or you are, but you are divorced like me and you don’t see your children every day. There are children in your life that need you. They need a loving hug, kind words, and attention. 

I have a big heart and love many. That’s just me. No everyone is like me. And that’s ok. But you can love the ones in your life and build them up. Be wise in your decisions. Be wise in your words to others. Be wise in your words to yourself! I know I can be my own worst enemy! I’m tired of believing crap about myself that isn’t true. I’m going to redefine Jill. Because I know, without a doubt, that I have a Heavenly Father who ADORES me! 

My son introduced me to a new CD. This song means so much to me. Please take a few minutes and listen.. because it’s from God’s point of view, talking to women.
Matty Mullins “My Dear”

Come on ladies… let’s turn ourselves around for the better! Are you with me?