“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD. “Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Today is launch day for a friend of mine! David Mike is launching his first book, “Dishonor: One Soldier’s Journey from Desertion to Redemption.” Dishonor

Here is a little about David: he joined the Army right after high school, but after a short period of time got in so much trouble he was court-martailed and sent to the United States Disciplinary Barracks in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas for three years.

I really like some of the praises he has in the front of the book:

“The fall and rise of a soldier that even Hollywood couldn’t script. David Mike’s Dishonor is a mesmerizing tale of desperation and redemption that shows us that sometimes you have to be locked up to find true freedom.” — Clay Shaver, Host of The Remodeling Clay Podcast

“A biography written with such intimacy that it takes you inside the story as participant rather than observer. David Mike does just that with his powerful recount of a chained life set free, link by precious link. This is a must-read—for everyone.” — Ronne Rock, Advocacy Journalist, Speaker, and Author

David MikeDavid said he wants this book to help others turn their mess into a message so they too can realize God’s grace and forgiveness.

He never set out to write a book. He would just share his story, and people mentioned that he should write a book.

I know David from some groups we are in. We were a part of writer Jon Acuff’s first group, The START project. (Which is now the 30 Days of Hustle.) In that group, someone told David he should blog first, then write his book. So that’s what he did.

His book consists of his blog posts as well as letters he had written to his parents. This has been a long 3 year process for him.

David said he doesn’t feel guilty about his past, and he wants to help others get over their guilt.

I have read most of his book. He’s a really good writer. The story keeps you engaged and you honestly think it’s fiction, but it’s his real life.

If you are living with regret or guilt over your past, I hope you know that God loves you, He has a plan for you, and He will forgive you. Then, you must forgive yourself.

Check out David’s book and blog here: Amazon Link to Dishonor   David’s Blog Link

If you need prayer to overcome your past, please contact me or David Mike. We would love to pray for you!

God bless you today and always!