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“A man’s pride will bring him low, but a humble spirit will obtain honor.” ~ Proverbs 29:23 NAS

Once again, the word “humble” jumped out at me in my Scripture reading. I think that’s part of the reason to have a word for the year. It gives you something in particular to study, meditate, and pay attention to.

Pride is not good for us. It causes us to think too highly of ourselves. We are not better than anyone else, and we aren’t supposed to live our life for us. If we are true Christ followers, we are His, and we should be living for Him.

Pride will tell us that our accomplishment was all our own doing.

Pride will tell us that we don’t need community. We can do this on our own.

Those are lies!

Whatever we accomplish, if we are honest, we had help. It might not be the exact same for everyone, but you had help. I know I could never have put together my book without help. If you read the first two pages, I listed everyone who helped me. I had to, because it wasn’t just MY accomplishment.

We weren’t meant to live life alone. Even if you’ve been hurt, without a community, it’s going to be hard to walk through life. 

Just this week, one of my friends saw someone giving away a dog on Facebook because she was about to be homeless and couldn’t care for him. My friend took the dog. But she didn’t stop there. She got this girl help by going to her church family. They purchased her a month long bus pass so she can get around town. She was given clothes, and taken to a job interview. In the process of all of this, she’s given her heart to God and wants to be baptized. And she wants my friend to be there, because she was a part of helping her give her life to God. 

Maybe your life is good. You still need community.

Having a humble spirit means that you are willing to live for God first. He should be in the 1 place in your heart. Before your spouse, before your kids, before your grandkids, before your best friend…. it should be God. Allowing Him full control of your life is showing humility. 

Will you do that today? Stop listening to the lies of pride. That is only harming you.

If you need prayer, please just ask. I’ll be happy to pray about this for you.

God bless you today and always.