I had something totally different picked out to write about this morning. Then, I found out that one of my high school friend’s dad passed away over night. I have followed this journey through Facebook posts with Jay. His dad had ALS. During the ice bucket challenge craze, his dad posted his own video thanking everyone for donating. 

The love that I see through Jay and his dad reminds me of God and Jesus. It’s unconditional. It’s something that is so precious that your heart just melts. The best part about it is that even death can not stop that love!

Jay and his dad

God gives us our parents for a reason. I am of the belief that our souls are in heaven first, and God sends us down to earthly parents when He finds the ones He wants for us. Their DNA has something special, some gift that He wants to put in our lives. So, He finds the perfect people, and sends our soul down into the little body growing in our mom’s. 

When Jay’s dad was diagnosed with ALS, I remember Jay posting and telling everyone. I prayed for healing. I asked God to just heal his body and make it go away. Sometimes, when we pray for stuff like that, and it doesn’t happen, we can get discouraged. We wonder why God won’t answer a prayer for healing. I think sometimes He doesn’t because there is something greater He needs to do…something that a healing miracle isn’t the right answer. 

I believe God decided to heavenly heal Jay’s dad. 

And, I believe God wanted to use Jay and his dad’s love as an example for us all.

Unconditional love means that you love a person NO MATTER WHAT. Which is exactly how God loves us all. Nothing we can do will change His love for us. 

I can hear some of you now… well, that’s great Jill… but see, my dad abused me, my dad left when I was a kid, I never knew my dad…

Those stories are sad. Here is what I say to you all.


He is your Heavenly Father and He is NOTHING like your earthly father. He loves you, designed you and made you for a purpose. 

Let Him love you. Stop blocking Him out. I know it’s hard to give control of your life over to someone you can’t physically see. But He is there, He knows best, and He loves you ever so much. Won’t you give Him a chance?

Talk to Him… just like you would to me. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. He will.

Jay, I love you buddy. My heart breaks for your loss. Thank you for allowing me to use you and your dad’s love as an example. I believe someone out here needs to hear this.

Holding his dad’s hand one last time

If you can help, they are raising funds for the funeral. Here is a link: http://www.gofundme.com/KenSheltra