The other morning, I was reading my T. D. Jakes devotional and he issued a challenge. He said to write down 30 things you want to do with your life, so I wrote mine down.

1. Write to inspire others.
2. Raise children who love the Lord & each other.
3. Start serving others regularly.
4. Visit every state in the US.
5.Meet Steven Curtis Chapman face to face & tell him how his music helped bring me back   to God.
6. Get out of debt.
7. Become a better cook.
8. Have a best friend who I trust with everything that I can actually spend time with.
9. Encourage people to keep moving forward.
10. Go to every baseball stadium in the US.
11. Attend at least one NFL game.
12. Promote Christian music concerts.
13. Learn how to decorate cakes & maybe help out one of my bakery friends from time to time.
14. Have 3 very successful children who were homeschooled and well educated.
15. Be the kind of wife my husband has always dreamed of.
16. Have a clean house, like good & clean every day.
17. Visit the many historical sites in all US.
18. Go to New Zealand & Australia.
19. Be a good mother in law & grandmother one day.
20. Eat at some of the Diners, Drive Ins and Dives found by Guy Fieri on Food Network.
21. Be the kind of person who loves & trusts, even after being hurt.
22. Continue to always love the Lord my God with all of my heart, mind & soul.
23. Forgive people like Jesus did/ does.
24. Being a person who is so in tune with Jesus that people see Him in me.
25. Possibly write a children’s book that explains miscarriage to siblings.
26. Minister to women who have miscarried babies.
27. Go on a mission trip to another country.
28. I don’t want to judge other people – it’s not my place. I try not to now, and I want to do better.
29. I would like to see myself the way God sees me.
30. Be known as a Godly woman and leave a legacy for Him.

I know these seem to be in an odd order, but that’s the way they came to me that day.